Terms and Conditions


Designates any individual who uses the Colleo website either as an Organiser, or as a Contributor.


Designates any individual who sets up a fundraiser in order to collect funds, and who sends the fundraiser details to all requested contributors.


Designates any individual who contributes to a fundraiser by making a payment via one of the different means of payment available on the website www.colleo.co.uk.


Designates the Colleo fund set up by the Organiser to fund a project, a gift, a subscription or quite simply to collect donations.

Non-profit organisation

This term encompasses community groups, volontary organisations, charities and social entreprises. Further information at : https://www.gov.uk/set-up-a-social-enterprise


The present Terms and Conditions specify the conditions in which the company ERIGO (The Colleo website is published by ERIGO) provides access to its services. They describe the respective obligations of the company ERIGO and the website Users. The Terms and Conditions apply for the duration of the use of the website www.colleo.co.uk


Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully. By using the website www.colleo.co.uk (or www.colleo.fr) and/or its associated services, you indicate that you accept these Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to accept the Terms and Conditions, you must discontinue your use of the website www.colleo.co.uk (or www.colleo.fr) Whosoever uses the website, whether to set up a fundraiser, to make a donation or to set up an account declares that (s)he has read and accepted the present Terms and Conditions and agrees to comply with them.


By using the website, the User acknowledges that (s)he has the full legal capacity to use Colleo and/or its associated services and accepts to use them solely for non professional and legal purposes in compliance with accepted principles of morality.


In order to set up a fundraiser or to receive a bank transfer, it is compulsory to register on the website www.colleo.co.uk It is not necessary to register to make a donation or contribute to a fundraiser./

To become an Organiser, you will be required to fill out a registration form on the website homepage or when setting up the fundraiser. Registration requires acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions. The User agrees to provide true and accurate information in order to register. Once the online registration form has been filled out, an email with a link will be sent to your personal email address and you will be asked to confirm your registration. The User is entirely responsible for his/her ID codes which consist of a valid email address and a password, and for use of his/her account. ERIGO cannot be held responsible for the consequences of use of the ID codes by a third party and/or loss of ID codes by a User.


Any private individual or person responsible for a non-profit organisation can set up a fundraiser to collect funds for a project or a specific event. Setting up and managing the account are free.

For non-profit organisations and projects, it is possible to publish information on your project on the website. This service is also free.

Responsibility of the Organiser

It is the Organiser’s sole responsibility to collect funds and use the money as indicated. Generally, the Organiser is reponsible for managing the fundraiser and thus ensures conformity with current legislation and with accepted principles of morality for all events linked to the fundraiser. ERIGO cannot be held liable in case of conflict between the Contributors and the Organiser.

ERIGO reserves the right to close a fundraiser which does not conform to the above principles without prior notice. Likewise, in accordance with measures to combat money laundering, a fundraiser for which the banking partner repeatedly rejects attempted payment transactions will also be closed without prior notice. ERIGO reserves the right to report any suspicious conduct to the appropriate authority.

In certain cases, the Organiser of a fundraiser will be asked to provide certain ID details and/or proofs of identity.


- Surname of Organiser

- First name of Organiser

- Full postal address

-Phone number of Organiser (recommended)

- Valid email address

- Banking details (mandatory for the fund transfer)

Proof of ID and current address

In accordance with measures to combat money laundering, if the total sum of a fundraiser is above 2 500 £ over a period of 12 months, the Organiser will be asked to provide proof of a current address (of less than 3 months) a valid proof of ID with photo (ID card, residence permit, passport) for each person concerned, as well as digitalised banking identity.

For non-profit making organisations, proof of ID will be required from the head of trustees (President/ governor/ chairman, etc depending on the type of organisation), as well as proof of a current address for the director / CEO). According to the type of organisation you are, you may be asked for : .

- Copy of your group’s Constitution

- Charity Registration confirmation / Trust deeds (if group is a charity)

- Memorandum and Articles of Association (if the group is a limited company)

These documents will be required in a digitalised version at the latest before the first request for a fund transfer.

Setting up a fundraiser

To set up a fundraiser via the website www.colleo.co.uk (or www.colleo.fr), the following information must be submitted :

- Aim of the fundraiser

- Deadline

- Fixed amount or no fixed amont for contributions

- Name of non-profit organisation or project to whom a percentage of the contributions will be donated

- Percentage of contributions to be donated to a non-profit organisation or project. It is also possible to choose “no donation”

- Description and contact details for the non-profit organisation if applicable

Another of the services offered is to turn your Colleo fund into a public campaign, that's to say that your Colleo fund will be visible on the « public fundraisers » page of the website. The fundraiser will be made public after a moderation period by Colleo (maximum 48 hours) to check that the project is in line with Colleo's values. Only charity or community projects, arts, environmental or economic projects, sporting events, etc will be accepted. Fundraisers for gifts or projects which are too personal will not be made public.

Once the fundraiser has been set up, an email will be sent to the Organiser containing all the necessary information and details in order to publicise the fundraiser to potential contributors via email, social networks, blogs or websites.

Managing a fundraiser

Once the fundraiser has been set up, the Organiser can :

- Edit any of the above elements. Any modifications are the sole responsability of the Organiser.

- Follow the contributions as they come in as well as the total amount collected

- Request an intermediate payment or the closure of a fundraiser.

Payment of funds collected

The funds collected are transferred to the Organiser upon request via the « Dashboard » page on the website. All contributions made up to a maximum of 48 hours before the request will be immediately transferred by Colleo. The 48 hours delay corresponds to the banking verification procedures.

The transfer is generally made to your account within 48 hours but depending on the bank, allow for up to 5 days.

The Organiser will have provided Colleo with his/her complete banking details via the website page « my account », or if necessary will have sent them by email.

Nota bene : any error in banking details (error in bank account number, closed bank account, etc) leading to the bank rejecting the request for transfer will entail the billing of the banking fees to the Organiser (20 £ on the 7th April 2014)


Each potential Contributor who has been invited to donate to the fundraiser will have received a link enabling him/her to access the description of the fundraiser on the website www.colleo.co.uk. The Contributor can make a donation without having to register on the website via one of the secure means of payment that Colleo provides (the said means of payment may evolve over the course of time). As soon as the payment has been confirmed, the Contributor and the Organiser are informed by an acknowledgement of receipt email (if they have requested this service). The Contributor can provide his contact details if he so wishes :

- Surname

- First name

- Complete postal address

- Valid email address (otherwise, confirmation of his contribution cannot be sent).

And leave a message for the recipient of the fundraiser.


For security reasons and by legal requirement in relation to money laundering issues, a single Contributor's donation may not exceed 1000 £ (one thousand £). For the same reasons, the Organiser of a fundraiser that exceeds 2500 £ (two thousand five hundred £) will have to provide proof of ID as indicated above (see paragraph “Proof of ID and current address”).


Contributing to a fundraiser is not equivalent to an online or distance purchase. The Contributor cannot therefore exercise a right to withdrawal within 7 days. A contribution is definitive. However, Colleo will accept to refund a contribution (after deduction of Colleo's fees) if such a request is made by email by the Contributor, as long as the fundraiser hasn't been closed and the required amount has not already been transferred to the Organiser. Once the fundraiser has been closed, the Contributor will have to resolve any dispute or conflict directly with the Organiser.


Whatever the legal status of the Organiser, there are no administration fees for setting up a fundraiser. However, in order to cover costs related to credit/debit card payments, a fee is deducted from contributions and the final amount collected. Fees are calculated on the following basis : 3.5% of the overall amount collected. Fees are deducted when the amount collected is transferred to the Organiser.

In the case of a fixed-amount contribution (for example for a subsciption, or membership fees, etc), if necessary the Organiser will increase the amount of the contribution requested to cover Colleo's fees, unless (s)he wishes to cover these costs himself/herself.

In the case of an error in the banking details provided by the Organiser leading to the bank rejecting the request for transfer, a fixed fee of 20 £ will be deducted from the fundraiser (these fees are imposed by the registered financial service provider).

In the case of insufficient funds, dishonoured checks or banking rejections, a fixed fee of 20 £ per transaction could be charged by Colleo and deducted from the fundraiser.

For any fundraiser that remains inactive for more than 6 months with no response from the Organiser to Colleo's emails, a 10 £ admin fee will be deducted every 6 months. After 13 months of total inactivity and no response to the three mails to the organizer, collection will be automatically closed, and the balance transferred to an association, Net of a lump sum of 100 £ to cover the management fee.


The Organiser can ask for his/her account to be closed by sending an email to customer services at contact@colleo.co.uk The account willbe closed after a maximum delay of 2 weeks. The Organiser will no longer have access to his/her personal account and will no longer be able to manage any fundraiser (s)he has opened. If there are any outstanding fundraisers which have received contributions, customer services will inform the Organiser who will have 2 weeks to inform Colleo whether (s)he wishes to have the funds transferred. If, after the 2-week delay, Colleo has received no response from the Organiser, the Contributors will be automatically refunded (after deduction of Colleo's fees). Only the Organiser can be held liable for the consequences for the Contributors of such cancellations.


In case of breach of the present Terms and Conditions, Colleo reserves the right to suspend or terminate an account, immediately and with no prior notice. The termination of an account implies the same effects as for a request to close an account. Any fundraiser which has remained inactive for more than 2 months and whose deadline has passed can be closed without prior notice if there have been zero contributions.


In accordance with current legislation, Colleo uses a financial service provider approved by the French ACPR (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution - which is in charge of banking and insurance sector supervision in France and depends on the Bank of France). We have chosen to work with Lemonway whose head office and activities are in France. You can find Lemonway's complete Terms and Conditions at the end of this page. Any complaints regarding the payment process can be made via the following link : https://www.lemonway.fr/reclamation/

Legal conditions


In accordance with the French data protection act of 6th January 1978 (modified), the processing of the website Users' personal data has been declared to the French data protection authority, CNIL, under the receipt N° 1671344. In accordance with the law, Users of the website www.colleo.co.uk (or www.colleo.fr) are granted a right to access, modify, correct and delete data which concerns them. For further information or complaints, please send an email to Colleo at : contact@colleo.co.uk Colleo reserves the right to keep the following information : first name, surname, email address, password, date of birth, bank account number (IBAN), IP address and postal address.


ERIGO does everything in its power to ensure secure access to the website www.colleo.co.uk (or www.colleo.fr) but cannot be held responsible for site malfunctions or isolated incidents as the operation of the website partially depends on external factors over which ERIGO has no control. ERIGO reserves the right to suspend access to the website for maintenance reasons. Colleo can, if it sees fit to do so, modify the website in order to improve the services provided. ERIGO cannot garantee that the website will work with all internet browsers or all operating systems, whatever the computing equipment or software configuration used. However, in the case of incompatibility, please do not hesitate to contact customer services by email at contact@colleo.co.uk


In case of conflict or dispute with one or more Users of the website, liability of the limited company ERIGO, whatever the reasons, basis or form for the action, is limited to 500 £ (five hundred £).


If one of the stipulations or clauses of the present Terms and Conditions is declared null and void, without binding effect or unenforceable, this cannot be applied to the other stipulations or clauses which will conserve all their effects.

Any User should inform Colleo immediately by email at the following address contact@colleo.co.uk should a claim or litigation arise in relation to :
  • www.colleo.co.uk (or www.colleo.fr) website malfunctions
  • an error of execution for a payment,
  • an error of execution for a bank transfer,

Colleo reserves the right to modify the present Terms and Conditions at any moment without prior notice. The amendments will be applicable as soon as they are published on the website www.colleo.co.uk/terms Uninterrupted use of the website by the Users implies their consent to the last published version of the Terms and Conditions. The last amendment to the Terms and Conditions occured on Tuesday 28th October 2014.


The present Terms and Conditions are governed by French law.

Other than by application of a public order law (which will only be applied in strict relation to its subject), and in the absence of a preliminary amicable settlement, it is expressly stated that the courts of Nantes have exclusive jurisdiction in the case of litigation due to the interpretation, validity and consequences of the present Terms and Conditions.