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Because Colleo wants to help all non-profit organisations by offering them their own web page on the site and by facilitating the funding of their projects and the management of donations.

Because with Colleo you can opt to donate part of the gift funds to a project chosen by the Colleo fund organiser.

Yes, among the many that are available when creating your kitty. If you want to give a micro-donation to a non profit organisation that is not present, we invite you to contact them or to tell us. They simply open a fundraiser to qualify for micro-donations, free and without commitment

For non-profit organisations and projects, your fund can be seen by all. For individual Colleo funds, you choose whether or not you want to be visible on the «public fundraisers » web page.

In that case you go from being a private Colleo fund to a public fundraiser. Visibility is not immediate because there is a moderation period to check that the project is in line with Colleo's values.

There can be a variety of reasons, most of which can be resolved.
- Confirmation of payment by the 3D Secure payment system: if the contributor takes too long, the transaction can be cancelled.
- The weekly limit of the credit/debit card has been reached.
- The bank card is not European: only the European Visa and Mastercards are accepted, sorry for our friends from the other continents!
- A problem with the connexion to the bank (very rare). In this case, it is just a question of starting again a little later.
Whatever the problem, don't hesistate to get in touch with us by email at:

For security reasons and for legal reasons in relation to money laundering issues, a contributor can make a payment of up to £1,000.00 (one thousand) . For the same reasons, the organiser of a Colleo fund above £2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred) will have to provide certain documents as mentioned below (please see the paragraph « identity check »). The minimum contribution is £5.00 .

Just log in to your Colleo account and then go to « my fundraisers » and you'll be able to see, as they come in, details of the contributions already registered on the site.

As long as the contributors agree, of course you can! Colleo's role is to collect and centralise the contributions and to then make the payment to the organiser. It works like a crowdfunding platform but without the rewards system. Whether it's for a group gift or for a non-profit organisation, it's the same rule.

In accordance with measures to fight money laundering and the funding of terrorism, as defined in decree n° 2009-1087 of 2nd September 2009 relative to diligence and disclosure requirements for the purposes of preventing use of the financial system for money laundering and financing of terrorism, and by order of the French Ministry of finance on 2nd September 2009 in application of article R.561-12 of the monetary and finance code, it is fundamental for Colleo to ensure that web site users make good use of the service provided and the funds that transit through the website. For this reason, if an organiser wishes to be the beneficiary of one or more payments (particularly if the total sum is above £2,500.00 within a year or less), Colleo may ask him/her to provide (by post or by scan) a copy of his/her proof of identity, as well as proof of a current address and a banking identity.

Yes of course! The green address bar in front of the website name indicates an extended validation certificate verified by the appropriate certificate authority. Moreover, we have systematised the 3D secure payment system offered by our banking partner (certified by the French ACPR "Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de resolution" in charge of banking and insurance sector supervision in France) in order to make all payments secure.

The 3-D secure payment system is an internet protocol to enable an additional security level for online credit/debit card transactions.

3D Secure is deployed commercially by Verified By Visa and Mastercard Secure Code, and was developped by Visa and Mastercard to curb the risk of fraud in e-commerce, in particular to prevent identity theft. Its aim is to ensure that for every online payment the bank card is used by its veritable holder.

When both the merchant and the credit card holder's bank are equipped, a supplementary security step is activated at the time of payment. As well as the card number, its expiry date and the three figures of the security code (printed on the back of the card), the card holder also has to type in a password, such as his/her date of birth (simple authentication) or a single-use dynamic passcode (strong authentication) requested by email or sms.

No! In fact it's illegal to do so! The payment part of the transaction is entirely managed by a third party payment service that is certified by the ACPR (Bank of France). Not only does this service manage the payment, it is also in charge of holding the contributions in an escrow account.

Payment by debit/credit card is very practical, but it does represent a cost for those who offer this service. The banking charges are relatively high and Colleo covers them all. That is why Colleo deducts a small percentage from the overall amount of the funds collected to cover these costs.

A maximum of 24 hours after you request a transfer, the payment will be made, but only to a bank within the SEPA zone (Europe). That's the time that is needed to confirm all contributions, so there are no unexpected surprises. The transfer is generally made to your account within 48 hours but depending on the bank, allow for up to 5 days.

You just need to fill in your bank details (and if necessary to confirm your ID) and to request a transfer on your “dashboard” page.

Of course! It's so much easier to be able to contribute from wherever you want, and it also means you won't forget!

Yes, Colleo systematically sends you an email when your contribution has been confirmed. If you are in France and have donated to a charity, Colleo will send you proof of your contribution which you will need for your tax deduction.

in the UK please find information on Gift Aid here . Colleo systematically sends you an email when your contribution has been confirmed.

If you haven't received the email, please check that we have your correct email address and if necessary send us an email so we can correct any errors.

Colleo promises to refund a contributor's donation minus admin fees on request (by email) as long as the Colleo fund hasn't reached its deadline and the request for a bank transfer hasn't been made to the organiser.

Once the Colleo fund is closed, the contributor will have to contact the fund organiser to settle any dispute.

As a contributor to a fund, you will receive an email confirming your contribution. You may also receive, at a maximum rate of three times a year, a mail from us with recent news.

As the organiser of a Colleo fund, you can, if you so wish, receive an email for every contribution.

Colleo does not sell or hire out its data to whosoever, you will therefore not receive any unwanted emails from « partners ». However, your email address will be given to the organiser of the Colleo fund. Colleo cannot promise anything on behalf of the organiser, but can indicate that you do not wish to receive any unsollicited emails.

No problems, just send us an email to:, we promise to get back to you as soon as possible!