A joint birthday gift ? It's made easy with Colleo



You'd like to organise a group gift but you don't want the hassle that goes with it !

Organising a joint present is often a bit complicated ! No more stress with an online fundraiser, you can start raising funds in just a few clicks ! You can even customize your fundraiser with your own theme and wallpaper, your notes and photos. Then, with an email invitation or via your social networks. you can invite whoever you want to chip in and raise money for the gift.

No more running after the scatterbrains who've forgotten to give you their contributions !

One of the great things about the Colleo fundraiser is that (almost !) everybody will make their contribution before you go out and buy the gift, so you know exactly how much you can spend. And with Colleo you can buy whatever you want wherever you want !z

A caring gesture

With an online fundraiser, no more stress, no more embarrassing situations of having to ask your friends for their contributions at the last minute and, above all, with a Colleo fund, you can make a donation to the charity or cause of your choice :-)