A gift that makes more sense

Give a percentage of your funds to a charity

  • Pleasant and customizable interface

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  • Visible progress of your projects

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  • Quick creation

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Very easy

Just a few clicks are all it takes to set up your Colleo fund. Then you inform whoever (friends, family) you want by email. As soon as the deadline is reached, you can ask for a money transfer and within two to three days you will receive the funds in your bank account. Colleo fundraisers are clear, user-friendly and can be completely personalised.

Completely secure

According to current legislation, Colleo uses a financial service provider approved by the French ACPR (which is in charge of banking and insurance sector supervision in France). Thus funds raised are in specific secure accounts.

United fund

Colleo : The fundraiser that cares, which allows you to be generous by choosing to make a micro-donation to a charity project of your choice.

Crowdfunding according to Colleo

For your cultural, sport or united projects.

Reduced fees

If you are a non-profit organisation, a club or a private individual organising a charitable project, an arts or environmental project, or a sporting event, then Colleo's system of crowdfunding is a simple and effective way of answering your fundraising needs.

Keep your funds amount

With Colleo you can launch a public fundraiser, with no prior investment and no obligation. Because it’s public, communication and promotion concerning your project are multiplied thus increasing its notoriety. Donations will be from family and friends but also friends of friends.

Micro gifts

There are reduced commissions on the donations and no fixed charges, you can even benefit from micro-donations from the Colleo funds to buy group gifts !

All opportunities are good to create a fund

All opportunities are good to create a fund

Farewell, birthday pool, project financing, crowdfunding, charity challenge, wedding or just a common pot to share expenses. Discover what they thought

What people are saying about their Colleo fund


When I saw Colleo, I said to myself : “I really hope it's not going to give me a headache.” Well, I'm not a generation Y lady, but I found it really easy to use, very straightforward and, it has to be said, a brilliant idea. Very user-friendly, with clear information.


Using an online fundraising system for a group gift is so practical: easy, quick and fun ! And, as Colleo pays a percentage of the fund to a charity, we're all of us contributing to a meaningful cause without even knowing it.


Thanks for the prompt reply to my questions ! You should give a few lessons to other online businesses. Have a good day !


I’m really pleased with the professionalism and efficiency of this site and the fund. Thanks Eric for being there to help out the setting up of my fund for my younger sister's birthday.